Broadband & Wi-Fi


We have an extensive range of broadband and Wi-Fi options. Our connectivity types range from ADSL, FTTC and FTTP Broadband to FTTC Ethernet, EFM or fibre optic Ethernet, a Converged Private Network, that offer a suitable access option for every location regardless of availability, site criticality or budget.


Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA) is product that enables users to purchase a broadband connection without a phone line (voice service).

To get broadband, you either used your existing telephone line with broadband added on top or you ordered a new broadband connection where the two were bundled together. Thus, traditional broadband services required two products: a telephone line and broadband. But now you just need one – SoGEA.

Leased Lines

Leased lines are dedicated, private lines that only carries communications and traffic from your company. Used mainly by companies that require extremely reliable, high speed internet access, they offer dedicated, uncontested bandwidth ensuring that the maximum line speed is always available when required.

The line can be used for data, video and voice and is most effective when sharing bandwidth hungry applications between different offices. Speeds of up to 1GB downstream and upstream are available.

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Mobile devices, IoT, Voice over Wi-Fi and Presence Analytics—all require rock solid wireless connectivity. Designed with mobility in mind, we provide a total solution for the wireless business environment connecting a wide variety of devices over a secure wireless network. With unique patented technologies designed to help Wi-Fi function much like 4G LTE cellular networks for optimal throughput, airtime fairness and multi-media optimization, our Wi-Fi solution provides an innovative connected experience to more people at lower cost of ownership.