Ensure your property and staff are protected, by using CCTV cameras. We can offer an extensive range of systems to suit your business’s needs, whether your are looking for simple interior cameras or multiple internal, night vision and weatherproof units for complete observation.

Hikvision has industry-leading ColorVu technology that enables full-color high-quality videos 24/7, so that we are able to see things at night the same way as they look in daylight. Specialising in imaging and video-related technologies, from high definition to low-light imaging, from image stabilisation to video streaming.

Using advanced technology, that combines excellent image quality and usability to monitor and recorded images and videos to protect your premises. Our systems can also be fitted with Live Guard to deter intruders with light and sound.

Zoom in with vivid color

Varifocal cameras adapt to lots of scenarios by changing the camera focal length, making inventory management easier. Varifocal cameras with Hikvision’s ColorVu are designed with fixed F1.0 large aperture. The image brightness will be guaranteed, while your camera zooming in or out.

Up to 4K image

ColorVu-enabled cameras render vivid color images in dim light, even down to 0.0003 lux – that’s the same condition as a moonless starlight night. This incredible capability to intensify minimal ambient light is achieved through two advanced features.

When intelligence meets colour

When combining ColorVu technology with AcuSense technology, cameras can capture human/vehicle targets with vivid color details. Together with Hikvision back-end products, you can enjoy efficient playback and video footage search.

The models with Live Guard function will deter trespassers with visual and auditory warnings on-site while sending notifications to you remotely. Not only providing post-event evidences, the cameras immediately react to intrusions during events to prevent loss. Moreover, the audio alarms can be customized in varied languages for various scenarios.