SIP Trunks & Landlines

SIP Trunks

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a more modern telephony solution that uses the internet to deliver voice and data through a single connection. Using SIP trunks with your business telephone system utilitises VoIP technology with benefits including:

  • Cheaper calls – free local and national calls included
  • Speed – SIP lines can be installed far quicker than traditional lines
  • Cost – SIP lines are far cheaper to install
  • Flexible numbers – no restrictions on area code, have a London number in Manchester!


We are a BT Wholesale Partner, which means we are able to offer reduced line rental and increased service levels. We have two main traditional line types, analogue and digital ISDN services (ISDN2e and ISDN30e).

On average, we are typically 60% cheaper than BT Retail for line rental. The process to move your line rental over to us is hassle-free and will result in no service loss whatsoever. We offer a free telecoms expenditure analysis, that includes a line rental savings report.