Telephone Systems

SL2100 – 5 to 100+ Users

The SL2100 works at several levels: a cost-effective VoIP enabled phone system, an easily expanded solution with entry-level unified communications or a reliable, traditional business telephone systems (PBX) with excellent upgrade potential.

Much of the technology is built-in reducing the need for extra hardware, licensing and maintenance, all contributing to a sharp price point and low running costs. It also presents considerable savings and functionality over and above alternative hosted solutions.

Your business can’t afford downtime and nor can your communications. The SL2100 provides a reliable, ‘always on’ solution.

SV9100 (Enhanced) – 10 to 896 Users

The SV9100 Communications Server is a robust, feature-rich and scalable system that is ideal for small and medium businesses. It is designed to help solve all of today’s communications challenges and has the ability to expand as your business grows in the future.

With an increasingly mobile workforce, keeping your team aligned and maintaining high levels of sharp customer service – an aging system simply won’t keep your business competitive.


iPECS UCP is Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s unified communications platform designed to help organisations communicate and collaborate with all of their partners. iPECS Unified Communications helps people across your business be more productive and efficient regardless of their location or chosen device.